Open Health Care Clinic's 6th Annual Conference

Open Health Care Clinic's 6th Annual Conference

Open Health Care Clinic's 6th Annual Conference

Sep 18, 2020

Open Talks Health Conference is a component of Open Health Care Clinic's community health education initiative to provide year-round comprehensive health care training for clinicians, patients and consumers.

WHAT:  Open Talks Health Conference
WHEN:  September 18, 2020
WHERE:  Lod Cook Hotel & Conference Center at LSU | Baton Rouge, LA

The Open Talks Health Conference theme in 2020 is Social Determination of Health, which is defined by the World Health Organization as the settings in which people are born, grow, live, and work.  They will offer three tracks focused on Community Health, Social Community Context, and Neighborhood and Built Environments. 

SDoH influence health outcomes and include, but are not limited to, availability of safe housing, healthy food options, access to health care, transportation, quality of schools, job opportunities, and local policies. Clinical care is estimated to contribute only 20% to health outcomes.  The other 80% is linked to the SDoH. It is imperative for healthcare professionals to explore and understand SDoH so they can account for the additional 80% to improve the health and quality of life for their clients and communities.  At the end of the conference, participants will be able to discuss SDoH, understand their effects on overall health, and incorporate strategies into patient care to address SDoH. 

Find more information about the conference here.

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