Clinical Quality

Offering the Highest Quality of Care for Louisiana's Rural & Underserved Communities 

The Louisiana Primary Care Association is proud of the fact that community health centers offer the highest quality of patient care at an affordable cost.  LPCA's clinical quality program is designed to assist Louisiana's FQHCs by providing technical assistance in various clinical areas.  We seek to ensure that all of our members have the tools they need to continue providing exceptional care to the more than 385,000 Louisiana recipients that depend on their services.
LPCA's Director of Clinical Quality works to develop programs and activities that focus on:  quality & performance improvement, risk management, corporate compliance, PCMH certification, FTCA, and front desk training.  With the help of national and statewide partners, LPCA hosts trainings and webinars throughout the year.  We host quality driven workshops and seminars in the areas of billing and coding, evaluation & quality management, and the Uniform Data System.

Quality Improvement
  • Assisting with the compilation and aggregation of data for Performance Improvement Initiatives
  • Implementing customer service programs that help in identifying deficiencies
  • Creating action plans based on patient satisfaction survey scores

Performance Improvement
  • Conducting work flow analysis, time and motion studies to collect quantitative and qualitative work data    
  • Reviewing data collection methodologies to enhance and sustain improvement opportunities                                                                     
  • Performing detailed data analysis including trend identification and root cause analysis
Risk Management   
  • Investigating and documenting incidents and communicating risk potentials
  • Preparing statistical reports of individual, aggregate and departmental data measuring the type and scope of incidents 
  • Presenting educational programs on risk management to physicians and staff
Corporate Compliance   
  • Coordinating compliance audits to ensure ethical behavior is maintained
  • Investigating possible violations and reporting with corrective action plan to FQHC leadership

Clinical Resources & Webinars

Improving Oropharyngeal and Oral Cavity Cancer Incidence Through Interprofessional Collaboration (11/6/17)
Maximizing Knowledge and Performance of PrEP with Primary Care Providers MKaPPP (4/20/17)

LPCA's Diabetes Education Webinar Series

Diabetes:  Clinical Guidelines (11/18/16)

LPCA's Hypertension Education Webinar Series

Hypertension 101
Hypertension & Health Disparities:  What Can You Do?
Proper Blood Pressure Measurement

Advances in Guidelines and Evidence-Based Hypertension Management:  Tailored to your Clinic (2/25/16)

LPCA's Social Determinants of Health Webinar Series

The Social Determinants of Health (7/1/16)
Be PRAPAREd:  How to Stratifsy Social Determinant Risk and How to Manage High Risk Patients Using PRAPARE (7/28/16)
The Social Determinants of Dental Health (10/5/16)

ACS FluFOBT Program

ACS FluFOBT Program:  A Proven Approach to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening  (1/26/17)

See a listing of all upcoming webinars and trainings.

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