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Operating a Community Health Center and having an impact on the lives of patients is truly a rewarding experience, but it isn’t always easy!  From managing employees and providers, to complying with regulatory requirements, and preparing for Operational Site Visits, running a Community Health Center can be challenging – and the environment in which we work in is constantly changing!

We are not interested in only meeting requirements.  We want to assist our members in taking their health centers to the next level!

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Technical Assistance

Feasibility Study
A feasibility study is performed by LPCA staff to determine likely costs and profit/loss of a future Federally Qualified Health Center. The study calculates potential income and expenses for one year of daily operations, based on relevant factors such as population, staffing and salaries, billing and collections, variable and fixed costs. Numbers used are either existing clinic data that the client provides or data we determine from the number of encounters, costs, and collections based on population. Information from a feasibility study informs the client of the positive and negative outcomes before investing a considerable amount of time and money into a project.
  • LPCA will not provide recommendations for funding sources to pay for the health center proposed in the study. 
  • The feasibility projections provided will not provide estimates of the cost of building a new building. The feasibility study only considers costs associated with daily operations. 
  • Analysis will not include estimate of legal fees that may be associated with establishing a new clinic. 
  • Estimate of need and feasibility will not be based on burden of disease but rather by population demographic data and current community health center penetration.

Needs Assessment
A healthcare needs assessment looks at an area of a city, parish, region, or state that identifies gaps in serving that population, based on indicators that include:
  • Race
  • Poverty
  • Years of Potential Life Lost
  • Uninsured Population
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Emergency Department Utilization
  • Cancer Mortality
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity and Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Smoking
  • Healthy Food Access
LPCA researches current indicator data in a given area to identify and quantify gaps in healthcare.  The gap is measured by contrasting it to the surrounding areas. Financial feasibility studies are done, including a comparison between a fee-for-service clinic and one that is deemed a Federally Qualified Health Center or Look-Alike. 

The report includes:
  • Executive Summary
  • Report 
    • General indicator data for area 
    • Breakdown of area by zip code:  
      • Population
      • Major health indicators
      • FQHCs in the area; study outcomes, including health statistics found for area studied (and comparative study, if used)
  • Access Gap, including current number of providers for the population and recommended number of providers for the population
  • Reasons for Gap
  • Bridging the Gap (types of medical clinics to consider, i.e., fee-for-service, look-alike FQHC, fully-funded FQHC)
  • Explanation and comparison of proforma feasibility studies for each clinic model for each area studied (by zip code or parish)
  • Summary of findings and impact

Clinic Operations Assessment
Provides an overview assessment of a specific area of your clinic or of your clinic overall, which includes an executive summary, a description of the methodology undertaken to complete the assessment, and a report describing concerns, data analysis, and recommendations for improvement.

Other LPCA Technical Assistance
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Technical Assistance Form

Please use the Technical Assistance Form to request the following:
  • Feasibility Study
  • Needs Assessment
  • Clinic Assessment
  • Job Listing
  • Mock Operational Site Visit by LPCA team prior to HRSA Operational Site Visit
  • Trainings
    • Billing and Collections
    • Front Desk
    • Recruitment and Retention
    • Emergency Preparedness/Management
    • Operational Site Visit Preparation
    • Clinical Staffing
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