Grant Writing Tools

Effective grant writing is essential to the establishment and expansion of Federally Qualified Health Centers.

As part of our efforts to expand the impact of FQHCs in Louisiana, we provide the following grant writing resources to individuals and organizations applying for health center grant funding.

Included in the documents below are tips for effective grant writing, a health data resource guide, a community health needs assessment guide, and lists of individuals and firms who have experience writing grants for FQHCs in Louisiana and throughout the nation.  The LPCA welcomes any questions or feedback regarding these resources.  Please email Nakeisha R. Cleveland if you have any inquiries or suggestions.

HRSA Data Resource Guide

The Data Resource Guide is a technical assistance tool for completing Form 9: Need for Assistance Worksheet and is to be used in conjunction with the NFA worksheet instructions available in the Health Center Program funding opportunity announcements.  The NFA worksheet uses key health indicators to provide a snapshot of the barriers and health problems in the proposed service area and for the target population as they compare to national data and provides HRSA with a quantitative measure of need for each application.  

HRSA Technical Assistance Powerpoint

This technical assistance powerpoint provides an excellent overview of HRSA and the various components within the department.  It also provides a beginner's overview of the HRSA grant application process.  

Grant Writer Resources

While not necessary for completing a successful application, hiring an experienced grant writer is often times preferred by organizations when applying for FQHC funding.  It is important to note that even if you hire an outside consultant/grant writer, your staff and Board of Directors should be engaged and involved.  

There are many factors to consider when selecting a grant writer.  NACHC has developed a list of questions to guide you through the selection process.  You will need to develop additional questions based on the needs of your organization.  When interviewing your grant writer, be sure to ask the following:
  • How many FQHC grants have you written?
  • What is your success rate?
  • Are you willing to provide references from these applicants?
  • How big is your firm?  Who actually does the writing?
  • What portion does the consultant do and what portion is the applicant expected to complete?
  • How are your fees structured?
  • If the grant is not successful, how much will you charge to revise and resubmit?
Here are tips for writing and submitting good grant proposals from HRSA's Office of Federal Assistance Management:

Louisiana Grant Writers

As part of our efforts to encourage and assist with the development of FQHCs in Louisiana, we are providing this list of individuals and firms who have experience writing grants for FQHCs in our state.
While we are providing this list, we do not take responsibility for the quality of work or outcomes of any grant proposals submitted by individuals or firms.  The LPCA welcomes any questions or feedback regarding this list, including suggestions of individuals or firms with Louisiana experience who are not listed.  Please send your comments to
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