Statewide Health Data

In today's digital world, health systems are swimming in data - but having access to data is not enough.  In order to fully leverage data to improve patient outcomes, FQHCs must be able to integrate and align data from different sources.  

Existing FQHCs and those seeking new grantee funding are encouraged to explore the data sources below when preparing grants, visiting with elected officials, or educating members of the public.

Louisiana Department of Health
The mission of the Louisiana Department of Health is to protect and promote health and to ensure access to medical, preventive and rehabilitative services for all citizens of the State of Louisiana.

County Health Rankings
Developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, the annual County Health Rankings measure vital health factors, including high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, the quality of air and water, income, and teen births in nearly every county in America. The annual Rankings provide a revealing snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play. They provide a starting point for change in communities.

Kaiser Family Foundation | State Health Facts
State Health Facts is a project of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and provides free, up-to-date, and easy-to-use health data for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the United States, counties, territories, and other geographies. State Health Facts is comprised of more than 800 health indicators and provides users with the ability to map, rank, trend, and download data. Data come from a variety of public and private sources, including Kaiser Family Foundation reports, public websites, government surveys and reports, and private organizations.

US Census Bureau
The Census Bureau's mission is to serve as the leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy, providing an excellent source of demographic and population data.
By collecting and analyzing data from numerous sources, creates detailed, informative profiles of all cities in the United States.
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